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RowFit Workouts

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Improve your cardio, strength & focus on your core

This full body workout is all about learning the best rowing technique. Alternating between intervals on the rower and carefully selected physical exercises that are focused on improving your core and rowing performance.

We’ll show you how to master the technique and guide you along the way to ensure you to make the most of each exercise.

Start here! Suitable for all fitness levels.                                          


Improve VO2max & maximize your fitness level

High-intensity interval training based, RowFit Max combines rowing intervals with the specific splits and technique with a series of challenging physical exercises selected to work on your form. 

Suitable for intermediate fitness levels.


Gain muscle strength, improve your balance and coordination - Tailored to the Golden Age PopulationDescription en français  

Full body workout combining functional training and rowing techniques to build strength, proprioception to improve balance and coordination. 

We’ll teach you all the technique you need to achieve new goals.

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