Classes indoor and outdoor
When is indoor and when is outdoor?

· In summer we prioritise outdoors classes, unless if there is rain, in this case we organise the class indoors.

· In winter the classes are organised indoors, at the Boat House of the Rowing- club Lausanne.

· Please arrive in advance to the classes, especially when there are outdoors, in order to carry the rowers just in front of the Rowing-club

Location of the Rowing- club Lausanne
Where is the Rowing – club?

· We are located at the Rowing- club Lausanne. Check the exact location here

· Please note that there are two rowing clubs in this area, we are the 2nd one if you come from Ouchy.

Credit history
How can see my package history?

· If you wish to see your history, you need to go directly to your Mindbody account.
Click on this link and login to the Mindbody page with your RowFit name and password (the one that you use when you go to the RowFit website).

First class
What should I do and bring to my first class?

· You need to arrive 15 min before the class so we can show you the rowing movement, check if you have any previous injurie/s

· You need to bring a small towel, water, tennis shoes

Shower facilities
Do you have showers at the Rowing-club?

· Yes, we do, you can bring your shower products, towel and use the Rowing –club facilities

Which coach for my first class?

· We are very proud to confirm that the quality of our coaches is extremely high; they all have been trained on the RowFit method.

·  You can check out each coach on our page to get an idea of their background.

What language are the classes in?

·  All our coaches are bi-lingual and even some of them tri-lingual. 

Fitness levels
Am I fit enough?

·  If you are worried about your fitness level, speak with the coach before the class. They are all highly trained professionals who can help you make the necessary modifications

·  We always like to know if you have a previous injury. The workouts are low-impact workouts.

·  We don't have beginner/intermediate/advanced classes because all of our classes can be adapted to all levels, and therefore, your level - the goal is to not get injured and to you push as hard as you want to make it challenging.

Health benefits of RowFit
What exactly I improve?

·  You will improve your posture, maximise your endurance, and tone all your muscles. Click here if you wish to check the Key health benefits of RowFit

Trial Offer
How can I try your classes?

·  That's easy! Create an account in less than 2 minutes here and which gives you the chance to try 2 classes for CHF 35!

·  It's fast and it's contract-free.

·  The trial offer is valid for 30 days from the day you book the first class.

Can I cancel my class?

·  You may cancel a class up to 12 hours in advance of the class via your account on our website. Click here if you want to see how to do it. It is very easy.

·   If your cancellation is received up to 12 hours in advance you will automatically have one Class Credit refunded automatically to your account.

·   If your cancellation is received less than 12 hours before the class, the credit will not be returned to your account. 

·   If you want to inform the coach that you won't make it, just go into your account and cancel the class (see here the easy steps), as mentioned you will be reimbursed depending on the 12 hours cancelation policy, but we appreciate the gesture of using the website.

Substitutions coaches
·  We have highly qualified coaches and we are a team. Therefore, it could happen that we do substitutions; in this case, the name will be changed on our website but you will be not informed as we consider that we are a team.

Sharing classes
Can I share a class series with a friend or partner?

·  It's not possible to split or share a series with a friend or partner.

·  We always need the details of each participant, please create your account here.

Booking window
How far ahead can I book a class?

·  Our Booking Window opens at the end of each month for the following month.

·  You can book a class online up to 30 minutes before a class starts.

Expiry date
Why do classes expire?

·  Credits have an expiry so you will be motivated to book into classes.

·  The expiry date of each Class Series is on the prices page. The more classes you buy the longer the expiry date.

·  You can book your spot using your series for any class that takes place between the purchase date and expiration date (day of expiration included). 

·  We cannot extend the expiry dates of class credits. Please contact clarence@row-fit.ch in cases of injury or pregnancy.

Activation date
When does my Class Series start?

·  Your class series is activated from the day that you book your first class.

Forgot password
Can I reset my password?

·   Go to http://www.row-fit.ch/book/book-a-class

·   Click on My Account, in the right top corner of the widget

·   Click on I need a new password

·   Enter your email address and Submit

Switch classes
Can I change my reservation for another type of class?

·   If the class starts in more than 12 hours you can cancel your attendance from within your account and book another class.

Booking Error
I booked a class by mistake

·   If the class starts in more than 12 hours you can cancel your attendance from within your account.

Confirmation email
I didn’t receive a confirmation email

·  Please check your spam filter and add clarence@row-fit.ch to your list of contacts.

Health insurance
·  We have not yet worked on the reimbursement of the classes by the insurance, however, please check with your insurance since some specific insurances could cover RowFit workout.

Gift Certificates
Do you sell gift certificates?

·  If you are interested in giving a gift certificate, please send us an email at clarence@row-fit.ch
Thank you for thinking of us! Health is a fantastic gift.

Can I workout now that I'm pregnant?

·  We recommend that you follow the advice of your doctor.

·  Please talk to the coaches before class to inform them and ask if you have any questions. They will help you to workout safely! We will be discrete about the pregnancy.

Lost property
I forgot my things - have you got them?

·  We keep the lost property items at the Rowing- club Lausanne, when you enter on the top of right wardrobe. Just come a collect it in your next class, no need to send us a message. The lost property is usually there when you come back.

Minimum age
Is there a minimum age?

·  Yes, we accept teenagers above 16 to come join our classes. However, we recommend the youngest to try rowing on the lake. The Rowing- Club Lausanne has excellent coaches and they will be happy to welcome you for a trial. Contact directly the Rowing – Club Lausanne if you have any questions. More details here.

Waiting list
How does the waitlist work?

·  If the Class you wish to attend is fully booked, you may choose an alternative Class with remaining spaces. Alternatively, you may join a waitlist for the fully booked Class.

·   If you join the waitlist and a space becomes available, users on the waitlist will be allocated a space on a first come first served basis, up to 12 hours before the Class. You will be notified by e-mail if you are automatically added to a Class.

·   If you are allocated a place on a Class from the waitlist, one credit will be deducted and the normal cancellation rules will apply.

·   If we cancel a class, your Credit will be refunded.

Rowing on the lake
Do you organise classes on the lake?

·   The Rowing – Club Lausanne organises initiations that we strongly recommend joining. Please see more details here, and contact directly the Rowing – Club Lausanne if you have any questions.

·   RowFit organises an initiation on the lake in September with the Rowing- Club Lausanne, this class is for the RowFit team members and you need to have joined at least 5 RowFit workouts to join.