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Clarence is a former professional volleyball player with strong rowing expertise (Suisse Romande Indoor Champion, 1000 m). She has a Sports Science degree and a PhD in Sports Science with a focus on athletes’ health. She has coached all levels of athletes across a range of sports. Clarence believes consistency and team work are the keys to sporting success. 

Clarence is Spanish and Swiss and is fluent in French, Spanish and English.

As extra "official info" Clarence's passion for sports is only equaled by her passion for Spanish ham! 

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Competition Manager


Kanav good

Kanav is a former professional rower and he has participated at the World Rowing Championships, Asian Games. He has also coached rowing across different levels. His knowledge of the sport makes him a fundamental pillar of the RowFit competition. 

Kanav is Indian and is fully fluent in English, Hindi and he is currently studying french (A2).

As extra “official info” Kanav loves to dance to punjabi bhangra songs.



Clelia paralel correct

Clélia is a certified yoga and pilates teacher. With a real passion for movement, she completed a bachelor degree in Dance in London where she’s worked as a dancer and taught her first yoga class. Now based in Switzerland, Clélia is very happy to join the Rowfit team to bring a new dimension to the RowFit programme.

Clélia is Swiss and is fluent in French and English. 

As extra "official info" Clélia” is the goddess of fluid movement. You will hear her voice and from her guidance, you will perform movements that you couldn’t ever have imagined.

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Coralie rowing

Coralie is an international professional contemporary dancer and a certified yoga teacher, with both sports science and dancing conservatory degrees. She was placed second at the Suisse Romande Indoor Champions (team relay). She enjoys introducing yoga to beginners as well as coaching advanced students. With a particular passion for movement, Coralie integrates her knowledge as a dancer and yoga teacher in her classes to link it with rowing. Enthusiastic and energetic by nature, yoga is for her a way to centralize her energy and connect her mind to the present moment.

Coralie is Swiss and is fluent in French and English.

As extra "official info" Coralie has a secret love for being upside down... all the time and everywhere, you might see her balancing on her hands, arms or head! 

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 Géraldine finish

Géraldine is a former competitive swimmer. She works both as a high school teacher and as a certified coach in several disciplines such as HIIT, yoga, spinning and CrossFit. She is driven by watching her students and athletes grow as humans. She believes that if your train smartly, you can have it all: looks, strength, conditioning, flexibility, and most importantly joy! It’s the philosophy she applies to herself which has led her to currently compete successfully nationally and internationally in several disciplines: powerlifting, weightlifting, CrossFit and triathlon.

Géraldine is French and Swiss and coaches in French and English.

As extra "official info", there are two things that Géraldine loves as much as movement: chocolate and lattes!

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