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Clarence is a former professional volleyball player with strong rowing expertise (Suisse Romande Indoor Champion, 1000 m). She has a Sports Science degree and a PhD in Sports Science with a focus on athletes’ health. She has coached all levels of athletes across a range of sports. Clarence believes consistency and team work are the keys to sporting success. 

Clarence is Spanish and Swiss and is fluent in French, Spanish and English.

As extra "official info" Clarence's passion for sports is only equaled by her passion for Spanish ham! 

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Emily is a Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. Emily has practiced a wide range of sports such as freeride skiing, obstacle course racing, dragon boat racing. This varied experience has shaped Emily’s view on fitness which is to always do what excites you. She has a particular interest in corrective posture and will challenge you to discover your limits! 

Emily is Australian and is fluent in French and English. 

As extra "official info" Emily is famous for having the magic formula while training: Sweet and Strong! Is that possible?

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Competition Manager


Kanav good

Kanav Dosajh is a former professional rower and he has participated at the World Rowing Championships, Asian Games. He has also coached rowing across different levels. His knowledge of the sport makes him a fundamental pillar of the RowFit competition. 

Kanav is Indian and is fully fluent in English, Hindi and he is currently studying french (A2).

As extra “official info” Kanav loves to dance to punjabi bhangra songs.