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Full body workout - Rowing intervals & physical exercises

RowFit Schedule

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8h00 - 8h50        
11h15 -11h55       RowFit
12h15 -12h55 RowFit RowFit    
13h05 -13h45 RowFit Motion RowFit   
18h15 -18h55 RowFit      

Groups of 12 participants max and we don't share materials (40 min class) (50 min RowFit Motion)

Booking opens on Monday at 11h00 book here 
Cancellation - For outdoors classes: In case of bad weather the class will automatically be moved
indoor (if needed: mornings and lunchtime) or the class will be cancelled and you will be refunded your
RowFit credit in your account.

Before joining RowFit Outdoors please check our Safety measures/ Mesures de securité pour le Covid 19 
Testing - Take advantage of the 5 free tests per month and self test at least once per week. You can get them at the pharmacy.


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We teach in French and English. Book your class online.

Low impact

Full body workout

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Complete workout: we combine rowing using 70% of the muscles & complementary physical floor exercises. RowFit is easy on the joints. 


Learn the best rowing tecnique

All levels


We train in a unique team atmosphere and we teach the correct technique for each exercise. We also show all the necessary modifications.