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A FIRST IN SWITZERLAND - RowFit is a full body workout that combines indoor rowing intervals with physical floor exercises

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RowFit Ranking Competition

The Ranking competition - 1000 m rowing test and a physical test   

Save the date: 9 and/or 16 of December 2019

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RowFit MAX Challenge

Programme focused on maximising your rowing and physical performance!

Every Monday at 12:30 until December 4th. Come as much as you can - no need to come to all sessions.

Enter the Ranking competition in December.

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RowFit Morning Challenge

Morning workout focused on improving your physical performance ahead of the winter season.  

Train with Emily, Top RowFit coach, certified personal and group trainer. She will make you start your day in the best possible way. 

Every Wednesday at 7:30 AM until December 18th. Come as much as you can - no need to come to all sessions.

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No contract fees. Pay as you go.


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45-mins workout. We teach in French and English. Book your class online.

Low impact

Full body workout

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Complete workout: we combine rowing using 70% of the muscles & complementary physical floor exercises. RowFit is easy on the joints. 


Learn the best rowing tecnique

All levels


We train in a unique team atmosphere and we teach the correct technique for each exercise.