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Welcome to RowFit™

Enjoy the summer working out with us!

Join our 8 week virtual beach programme

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The programme will have two classes per week that you would be able to do anytime and as many times as you want over the week.

Each week we will travel to the following destinations: Bondi beach, Ibiza, Golden Coast, Bahamas, Salvador de Bahia, Malibu, Marbella and St Tropez.

Why join?

The programme give you the benefit of one live class per week on Monday at 12h30 with me supervising your exercises + the flexibility to do the other classes whenever suits you best but while still having the structure of our 30min workout.

How long is the programme? 

The programme will be for a period of 8 weeks (from July 6 until the 30 August), I will follow up with you at the end of the month to see your improvements and I will be available for any questions. You can join the programme anytime.

Price: Monthly subscription – 80 CHF per month

If you don’t feel joining the full programme, the virtual Monday workouts remain open to everyone. 

Music: Please feel free to use our beach programme playlist while you are doing the workout. 

Please contact if you are interested in joining 


Join RowFit outdoor!  

RowFit Outdoors 2

Why join? 

Important: Your safety is our top priority, check our safety measures/measure de sécurité, before joining the class!

A FIRST IN SWITZERLAND - RowFit is a full body workout that combines rowing intervals with physical floor exercises

Outdoors with a minimum 2 m distance between each rower

A unique location - Right on the shores of the lac léman! 

What do you need to do to join?

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(3 - 9 August) 

Tuesday: 18h15 

Thursday: 12h30 

Saturday: 11h00

Join our virtual workout!


Why join? 

It's fast - just 30 mins
It's fun!
It's challenging!
You take your physical condition to a new level! 
The workout structure

 HIIT with the RowFit Bodyweight exercises 
 Muscle reinforcement
 Core routine 


Monday 12h30: link
Join by clicking on the link  - No registration need it for the virtual classes - more details on how to use Zoom

Material: Two objects of the same weight + a chair  

Music: Please feel free to use our beach programme playlist while you are doing the workout. 

Price: 10 CHF per class - TWINT – Clarence (078 92 57 816) - please include your name when you make the payment.


See Rowfit in Action

No contract fees. Pay as you go.


workout picture

45-mins workout. We teach in French and English. Book your class online.

Low impact

Full body workout

Nicholas Coach Rowing club

Complete workout: we combine rowing using 70% of the muscles & complementary physical floor exercises. RowFit is easy on the joints. 


Learn the best rowing tecnique

All levels


We train in a unique team atmosphere and we teach the correct technique for each exercise. We also show all the necessary modifications.